Bill won't add to cart

when I click on the partial payment and click on add to cart nothing comes up. I have tried multiple times and it still won't work. Any suggestions.

Thank you for your support ticket

please advise me what device you are using?

When I click on add to cart nothing comes up

The best choice for Browsers will be 1st-Mozilla, 2nd-chrome, then the least favorite would be I.E....

Did you take any of the following actions as displayed on each payment page:

In Order to receive your printed receipt Please disable pop up blocker.

If you are using a MAC:
** Use iOS v8.4 or greater, then go to Settings; turn off Pop-up blocking, allow Cookies, and set Preload hit to off.
** for optimum results use the GoggleĀ© Chrome Browser

if you still have issues please call us during the day @ 203.775.3101, after 8:00pm EST call 203.733.0617
Creation date: 7/27/2016 10:53 PM      Updated: 9/14/2016 3:55 PM